What does it mean to be a certified athletic administrator?

Certification means different things to different people. For some, it is an opportunity to have an edge to advance in your career. To others, it is a vehicle for continuing education requirements to be met or to advance in salary. For others, it may be an internal motivation for achievement…to step up to the plate and to lead by example in building your career and setting yourself apart from the competition by establishing for yourself a comprehensive plan for self-improvement.

Professional Certification

Professional certification in Nevada and throughout the country can be attained through the NIAAA at four levels. These are:





The NIAAA Certification Program is a voluntary professional service to athletic administrators with various levels of experience. An athletic administrator may earn certification as a Registered Athletic Administer (RAA), Registered Middle School Athletic Administrator (RMSAA), Certified Athletic Administrator (CAA) and/or Certified Master Athletic Administrator (CMAA). Less experienced athletic administrators, and /or master coaches may choose to make themselves more, marketable with the RAA/RMSAA designation. More experienced athletic administrators may wish to earn the designation of CAA by combining the NIAAA Leadership Training with professional growth opportunities and services. Finally, through additional leadership training coursework, education, experience, and leadership as well as the development of school/community-based programs, an athletic administrator may qualify to attain the designation of CMAA. It is important to note that the certification is for individuals only and according to the NIAAA “does not imply that an association, school, or school district is certified”.

The implementation of four levels of NIAAA certification affords every athletic administrator a ‘Blueprint” for achieving professional growth through a systematic, progressive process of developmental experiences. The following coursework is required to obtain certification at each level:

  • RAA: LTC 501, 502, 503

  • RMSAA: LTC 501, 502, 503, 504, 700, 701

  • CAA: LTC 501, 502, 503, 504, 506 and passing of CAA Exam

  • CMAA: CAA designation plus LTC 508, 510, one 600 level course, one 700 level course, 3 additional elective courses, and submission of a project or oral presentation.

Additional information is listed below on the entire NIAAA certification program and the process for applying.


If you have any questions, please reach out to Mr. Balodis at balodmb@nv.ccsd.net