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2018-19 Membership Information

2018-19 NADA Membership

NADA will be going with a different company for our registration, dues collection and LTI Registration.  The Company is Final Forms.  You will be receiving an email from them to update your information and pay your dues, so be on the lookout for that email. The new site should be up and running in the next couple of weeks. Remember, early in the year is the best time to take care of your membership so that you are ready for the conferences. The dues are $180, which includes both NADA and the NIAAA membership, it also includes the cost of your attendance at the NADA Conference in late February.  Please update your information and make payment as soon as possible

NADA/AMP/Final Forms Registration Q & A

Nevada Athletic Directors Association partners with FinalForms/Amp




NADA is proud to launch a new system called AMP to boost membership, improve communication,  streamline events and centralize payments. AMP, Association Management Platform, was designed by FinalForms in order to empower both Association leadership and members with useful features.


Ohio, Indiana, California, Washington, New York, North Carolina, Virginia and Michigan are using AMP’s revolutionary features to achieve record membership, event attendance and LTI participation. We look forward to joining this group, as a leader, to provide a first-class membership experience for all of our ADs.


First and foremost, the #1 member benefit enhances communication throughout the state. Members will be able to contact other members by individual email or group (Conference, Class, Region, District) email. Think of the possibilities: Open Dates, Equipment, Coaching Openings, etc.


Beyond communication, membership, event registration and payments (online or check) will be run through NADA AMP. LTI will also be managed and coordinated with NIAAA via AMP.


IMPORTANT: Within 24 hours, the ‘NADA AMP Mailman’ will send you an email.


  1. Click the ‘click here to confirm your account’ link
  2. Enter and confirm your password
  3. Login to AMP to:
    1. Renew/Pay Membership
    2. View/Update Forms (contact information, school, chapter, etc.)
    3. Register for Events
    4. Communicate with fellow ADs



All ADs, whether members or non-members, are entitled to using the AMP Member-to-Member communication feature within the first 60 days of the launch. If membership is not purchased within the first 60 days of the launch, then this benefit will expire for non-members.


SPECIAL NOTES & HINTS when logging in for the first time ---



Q: I have my ‘Account Confirmation Email’, what should I do?

1) Click the ‘click here to confirm your account’ link

2) Enter and confirm your password

3) Login to AMP to: 1) Update Membership 2) View/Update Your Forms (personal profile, school, sports, classes, etc.) 3) Register for Events and/or Conferences 4) Communicate with fellow ADs



Q: I have not received my ‘Account Confirmation Email’, what should I do?

1) Go to https://nada.finalforms-amp. com/

2) Click LOGIN under the ‘Member’ icon (whether you are a member or not)

3) Enter your email address and click SUBMIT

a) If you get an error message stating the email address does not exist, try again to confirm you typed the email address correctly, then click SUBMIT.

b) If the error message persists, this means that there may be a different email address on file for your AMP account. Contact your District or Association Leader to update your email address.

4) Upon a successful SUBMIT (or update by Leader), check your email for an ‘Account Confirmation Instructions’ email from the AMP Mailman. Click the link, enter your password then access your account.



Q: I’m a new AD and I do not have an AMP account, what should I do?

1) Go to

2) Complete the ‘Interested in Joining’ process

3) Await contact from an NADA Representative to confirm your new AMP account

4) Once confirmed, follow the above instructions titled ‘Confirmation Email’