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2019-2020 School Year is upon us!

Athletic Directors get ready for the upcoming school year.   Make sure you check:

  • Scoreboards
  • Fields
  • Sound systems
  • Coaches Certification

Have a great start to the new year!!

When you get a chance, check out the NEW Athletic Director Welcome Packet on the NIAAA website.  Click on "Resources" in the upper right corner.

NIAAA Scholarship Application Form

Please use this link for the NIAAA Scholarship Application.

NIAAA Application 

2019-2020 NADA-NIAAA Membership

The 2019-2020 NADA -NIAAA Membership is due.  This is a dual membership that includes our annual conference this coming February in Reno, Nevada.  All member dues are $180 per person.
Please click on the 2019-2020  NADA/NIAAA Registration icon, complete the form and remit payment to:  NADA and send to Lynette Davis

You can also pay your dues online with the AMP/Final Forms registration site.  You might have already received an email letting you know that your membership is ready to expire.  It will then direct you to the AMP site for your registration.

Elko High School
987 College Ave.
Elko, Nevada  89801
Attn.:  L. Davis


NIAAA Benifits



2013 NIAAA-NHFS National Conference

The NIAAA Board of Directors, at the recommendation of the NIAAA Awards Committee, annually selects a number of individuals to receive the NIAAA Distinguished Service Award.  Upon being nominated by NADA, Larry Goins, a past Executive Director of NADA was the recipient of this award.  Congratulations Larry!

2014 NIAAA-NHFS National Conference

John Dibble has been selected as a recipient of the NFHS Citation award that he was nominated for by NADA. What an well deserved honor. Again, Nevada is doing alot of great things and we are being recognized for the great people we have among our membership. We are being noticed at the national level!

2014 NIAAA-NHFS National Conference

The NIAAA Hall of Fame was created to honor retired Athletic Administrators who had exemplary careers in athletic administration both prior to as well as after the formation of the NIAAA. Selection to the NIAAA Athletic Administrators Hall of Fame is a four step process including nomination, screened by the Hall of Fame Screening Committee, rated by the NIAAA Selection Committee and finally, the NIAAA Board of Directors selects those individuals to be inducted.  Warren Hagman received this award in 2014.