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NIAAA Scholarship Application Form

Please use this link for the NIAAA Scholarship Application.

NIAAA Application 

2017-18 NADA-NIAAA Membership

The 2017-18 NADA -NIAAA Membership is due.  This is a dual membership that includes our annual conference this coming February in Reno, Nevada.  All member dues are $180 per person.
Please click on the 2017-18  NADA/NIAAA Registration icon, (coming soon) complete the form and remit payment to:  NADA and send to Lynette Davis 

Elko High School
987 College Ave.
Elko, Nevada  89801
Attn.:  L. Davis


NIAAA Benifits

January 2018 Newsletter





NADA Conference

The Nevada Athletic Directors Association State Conference will be held in Reno February 21-23.  The conference will be held at the Lawlor Event Center on the UNR campus.  Make sure you have your dues paid.  Remember your membership dues covers your conference attendance.  Questions concerning your membership, please contact Lynette Davis @ Elko HS                             


CAA Exam

The Certified Athletic Administrator (CAA) exam will be offered on Wednesday, February 21st at Reed High School. The exam will begin at 12:00pm.  Make sure your paperwork is complete with the NIAAA prior to the exam.  For more information, please contact Matt Balodis @ Chaparral HS.


Leadership Training

We will be offering 4 Leadership Training Courses at the conference.  Those courses will be:  Wednesday February 21st LTC 502 and LTC 703, 3:30-7:30pm @ Wooster High School.  Thursday, February 22nd LTC 503 and LTC 710A 8:00am-12:00pm @ Reed High School.

LTC 502 Athletic Administration: Strategies for Organizational Management This course takes a basic approach to the fundamentals and methods of athletic administration and alerts and educates athletic administrators regarding potential problems and possible solutions in areas such as chain of command, scheduling, contest management, and personnel management. The course also touches upon eligibility, critical incident planning, financial responsibilities, legal, law, liability, equipment and facilities. Required for: RAA, RMSAA, CAA and CMAA Certification [REVISED 2016]

LTC 503 Athletic Administration: Enhancing Organization Management This course is a companion course to Strategies for Organizational Management and outlines an approach to the fundamentals and methods of athletic administration and alerts and educates athletic administrators regarding potential problems and possible solutions in areas such as special events, public relations, awards, fundraising and Booster Clubs. The course also touches upon ways to increase or improve citizenship and sportsmanship through positive initiatives. Athletic Administrators will have a hands-on experience creating handbooks and a strategic plan for their school. Required for all certifications beginning January 1, 2019. [NEW 2016]

LTC 703 Athletic Administration: Student Centered Educational Athletics— Performance Beyond the X’s and O’s This student-centered program will provide learning experiences for student athletes beyond the X’s and O’s. This course will support a value based curriculum that will demonstrate model behaviors and qualities that students should emulate both in and out of the athletic arena. Teachable moments beyond the classroom—center court, centerfield or center ice—provide the opportunity to promote and maximize the achievement of these educational goals and life skills. This course will provide the necessary strategies, methods and resources to implement this initiative within your own school. [REVISED 2015]

LTC 710-A Athletic Administration: Current Issues in American Sports (Ongoing Challenge of Sportsmanship, Directing Your Non-Faculty Coaches, Dealing With Difficult Problematic Parents, Bullying and Cyberbullying, Dealing with Stress and Burnout as an Athletic Administrator). A panel of secondary level athletic administrators and outside experts will lead small-group discussions of important issues and effective response strategies for three topics of contemporary issues selected to be presented will be examined by using a moderator to guide the discussion and cover certain aspects of the topic. Students will have an opportunity to participate in the discussion. The instructional format of the course will consist of lecture, seminar discussion and audience interaction. Enrollees who will derive greatest benefit: Administrators seeking discussion of current issues and problem resolution strategies. [REVISED 2014]

Registration for LTI Courses

If you are interested in taking an LTI course, you can download the application from the NADA website.        For more information, please contact Jennifer Ritch @ Reed HS.              


NADA Scholarship

State Winners

One male and one female will each receive a $1000 scholarship and plaque recognizing them as state winners.  Both will be invited to the NADA Conference to present their essays. 


You will need to be a member of NADA and the NIAAA in order for your student to be eligible for this scholarship.  If you have lost or forgotten your member ID number, please login to your NIAAA member profile and open your membership card. View your card by selecting “Membership Info” then “View/Print my membership card.” 

Scholarship Timeline

Applications postmarked to NIAAA liaison in respective state by the states deadline.  Nevada liaison is Xavier Antheaume at Chaparral High School--3850 Annie Oakley Dr.  Las Vegas, NV  89121.    Download the scholarship application from the NADA website.

NADA Deadline:  February 1



2013 NIAAA-NHFS National Conference

The NIAAA Board of Directors, at the recommendation of the NIAAA Awards Committee, annually selects a number of individuals to receive the NIAAA Distinguished Service Award.  Upon being nominated by NADA, Larry Goins, a past Executive Director of NADA was the recipient of this award.  Congratulations Larry!

2014 NIAAA-NHFS National Conference

John Dibble has been selected as a recipient of the NFHS Citation award that he was nominated for by NADA. What an well deserved honor. Again, Nevada is doing alot of great things and we are being recognized for the great people we have among our membership. We are being noticed at the national level!

2014 NIAAA-NHFS National Conference

The NIAAA Hall of Fame was created to honor retired Athletic Administrators who had exemplary careers in athletic administration both prior to as well as after the formation of the NIAAA. Selection to the NIAAA Athletic Administrators Hall of Fame is a four step process including nomination, screened by the Hall of Fame Screening Committee, rated by the NIAAA Selection Committee and finally, the NIAAA Board of Directors selects those individuals to be inducted.  Warren Hagman received this award in 2014.