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2018 Spring Webinar Schedule

We are pleased to announce that the NIAAA will be teaching a variety of courses in the spring 2018 webinar session. Our webinars offer the opportunity to take courses from the comforts of the office or home and receive the same quality instruction, interaction and networking opportunities as is provided in a classroom setting.

Courses being offered include:

         501  March 21 & 28
  502    April 3 & 10
  504 March 19 & 26
  506 April 5 & 12
  508 April 2 & 9
  625 March 13 & 20

April 4 & 11

  799 March 22 & 29

Certificates and Missed Classes

Students must participate in both sessions to receive credit. If you must miss one of the two sessions, you will be required to view the recording of the missed session. Upon completing both sessions, you will receive an email with a link to the course evaluation. An acknowledgment of course completion will be made available in the Professional Development section of the member portal once the course is complete.

Registration will close March 12. Each course is $125 for members, $210 for non-members.

For more information, please visit our website, call 317-587-1450 or email

This is a great opportunity for you to get your courses in for the CAA or CMAA.  I hope we have a few people that would like to take advantage of it.

NIAAA Benefits

Leadership Training Institute

The NIAAA encourages state athletic director associations to offer NIAAA Leadership Training at the state level. With the vast turnover of athletic administrators, a need has developed for an educational program to support the new administrators and at the same time offer a professional development program for the experienced athletic director.

Educational curriculum of 32 courses taught at national and state conferences, institutes and NIAAA webinars. Students can earn CEUs,up to a master’s degree through select universities.

NIAAA Certification Program


The NIAAA Certification Program is a voluntary professional service to athletic administrators and is based on the premises of continuing education, professional growth and program development in the vocation of interscholastic athletic administration. It recognizes and incorporates the professional development opportunities provided by the Leadership Training Institute. The attainment of professional certification demonstrates the completion of a comprehensive plan for self-improvement that will enhance the ability of the athletic administrator to better serve the school, community and profession.

The NIAAA became a member of the National Certification Commission in October 1995 in an effort to stay abreast of information pertinent to the Certification Program on a national scope.

On October 26, 2001, the NIAAA Certification Program was granted “full registration” by the National Certification Commission recognizing the NIAAA Certification Program as one meeting the commissions rigid standards of excellence.

Certification Levels:‚Äč

Registered Athletic Administrator (RAA)
Provisional Certified Athletic Administrator Certificate
Certified Athletic Administrator (CAA)
Certified Master Athletic Administrator (CMAA)

 Professional Outreach Program

To provide Professional Development opportunities for athletic administrators who are unable to attend state or national conferences. Specific targeted groups include but are not limited to urban, rural, middle school.

NIAAA Online Courses & Webinars

Online classes available in the Classroom as an interactive online course you can take on your own time, at your own pace, and wherever you would like. This four-hour course includes a digital manual, an interactive teaching style, instructional videos and more to help make the learning process easy and convenient for you. Check the website regularly as we release more courses in this new format. 

Webinar Classes

In an effort to meet the needs of individuals who desire to enhance their knowledge of interscholastic athletic administration and cannot attend the national conference or state conference, the NIAAA seasonally offers selected courses in a webinar format.  Our webinars offer the opportunity to take courses from the comforts of the office or home and receive the same quality instruction, interaction and networking opportunities as is provided in a classroom setting. Each webinar costs $125 for members and $210 for non-members. The course fee includes the digital course manual* and an acknowledgment of course completion.

Each course is taught by trained and experienced faculty. Courses consist of two 120-minute sessions, taught on two consecutive Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings beginning at 7:30 p.m. EST. 

Media Materials

Availability of numerous items to assist the professional in the form of DVD, CD, online and print.